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Thought I would share some helpful tips on why using a Realtor can actually save you money!

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Item Author Written by  John Dale in MyRealtytimes.com

Date created on Tuesday, 18 August 2015 8:34 pm

It would seem that home buyers and home sellers alike have, at one time or another, felt as though they may be able to tackle the process of purchasing or selling their home without the assistance of the realtor. The main purpose behind this is to save on the fee associated with employing a realtor, but in the end, these valiant efforts end in ruin as more time is taken, more costs is incurred, and more stress is involved.

Time is perhaps our most precious asset amidst today’s busy schedules, hectic lifestyles, and overtaxed workloads. So taking away from your limited free time by painstakingly searching through listing after listing of Lower Mainland properties, followed by setting up viewings, does not a happy human make.

Alternately, you and your realtor can collectively come up with a list of primary desires you are looking for in a home, and have him or her spearhead your search, narrowing down your options to a fine science of specifically selected homes within your realm of expectations.

Why Hiring a Realtor Saves You Money

Time is money, so we already have a savings on that front with the aforementioned efforts. Aside from that, and perhaps even more importantly, a realtor has the knowledge necessary to understand fair market pricing, as well as the skills to negotiate on price (down for buying, up for selling), the ability recommend brokers or lending institutions that harness the best rates, and the know-how to manage your paperwork without errors or oversights that you might fall prey to without such extensive knowledge, adding to your error margins and cost within such errors.

Why Hiring a Realtor Saves You Stress

The last two reasons why hiring a realtor can help you likely already attested to this fact, but add to that the fact that you have a confidant with whom you can talk to about your financial concerns, your potential pitfalls with a fluctuating market, advice regarding a growing family (schools, community centers etc), or a myriad of other factors. When you hire a realtor, you’re not alone in all these decision-making processes and life projections, but have a professional you can lean on and troubleshoot with.